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postheadericon Staff

Nancy E. Chapman

Phone: (212) 870-2600
Email: nchapman@unitedboard.org

Glenn Shive
Vice President for Programs

Phone: (852) 3943-4212
Email: gshive@unitedboard.org

Ricky M. Cheng
Vice President for Development

Phone: (852) 3943-4217
Email: rcheng@unitedboard.org

Russell Dolph
Vice President for Finance and Administration

Phone: (212) 870-2270
Email: rdolph@unitedboard.org

Hope Antone
Program Officer for Southeast Asia

Phone: (852) 3943-4210
Email: hantone@unitedboard.org

Melanie Chung
Program Associate and
Accounts Manager

Phone: (852) 3943-3946
Email: mchung@unitedboard.org

Karrie Lam
Development Associate

Phone: (852) 3943-3948
Email: klam@unitedboard.org

Trudy Loo
Senior Manager for Development

Phone: (212) 870-2612
Email: tloo@unitedboard.org

Gladys Malloy
Staff Accountant

Phone: (212) 870-2613
Email: gmalloy@unitedboard.org

Lisa Mirabile
Development Officer

Phone: (212) 870-2680
Email: lmirabile@unitedboard.org

Calvin Mok
Program Assistant

Phone: (852) 3943-4216
Email: cmok@unitedboard.org

Anne Phelan
Communications Consultant

Phone: (212) 870-2600
Email: aphelan@unitedboard.org

Ava Sewnauth
Assistant to the President (New York) and to the Vice President for Finance and Administration

Phone: (212) 870-3950
Email: asewnauth@unitedboard.org

Louisa So
Office Manager

Phone: (852) 3943-4215
Email: lso@unitedboard.org

Sarah Wong
Program Assistant

Phone: (852) 3943-9461
Email: swong@unitedboard.org

Jonathan Wolff
Senior Associate

(212) 870-2602
Email: jwolff@unitedboard.org

Vivica Xiong
Program Officer

Phone: (852) 3943-4213
Email: vxiong@unitedboard.org

Hockey Yeung
Administrative Assistant 

Phone: (852) 3943-9460
Email: hyeung@unitedboard.org