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postheadericon Making a Gift of Stock or Securities

The United Board is pleased to accept gifts of stock or other marketable securities. Upon transfer, the United Board will issue a receipt that states the date the securities came into the United Board's possession, the name of the issuing corporations or authorities, and the number of shares received.

For IRS purposes, the date of delivery is normally the date on which the donor has surrendered control of the stock to the United Board. The date of delivery and therefore the date of donation can be affected by the way the stock is transferred (by mail or electronically). As IRS regulations stipulate that it is the donor's decision to determine the value of the donated securities for tax purposes, the United Board urges donors to consult with a tax advisor.

To send stocks by mail or directly to our broker, please see the following procedures:

 By Mail -
  • By certified or registered mail send the stock certificate(s) without endorsement but with an accompanying letter stating that the shares are being donated to the United Board.
  • In a separate envelope, send a signed stock power (available from your broker or from the United Board if you do not have a broker). Please send one for each separate certificate being donated. Simply sign the stock power where indicated - DO NOT fill in the date or any other information.
  • Mailing address -
    United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia
    Attn: Vice President for Finance and Administration
    475 Riverside Drive, Room 1221
    New York, NY 10115
The IRS will typically recognize the date of donation as the date of the postmark when the security is sent by mail.

By Electronic Transfer (Broker to Broker) -
  • Instruct your broker to wire the donated shares as follows:
    Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
    101 Montgomery Street
    San Francisco, CA 94104
  • Delivery to DTC Clearing 0164, Code 40
    For credit to United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia
    Account number 2402-1970
  • Please also send a letter to the United Board that tells us essentially the following:
    I have instructed my broker [name] to transfer XXX shares of XXX Corporation to the United Board. [This contribution is designated for XXXX.]
The IRS will typically recognize the date of donation as the date the stock is wired via DTC from the donor's account to the United Board's account.