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postheadericon Asian Folklore and Cultural Heritage Studies

The development and production of local knowledge, whether through the use of digital tools or traditional modes, can be an effective counterweight to the forces of homogenization and globalization in Asian education. The goal of this initiative is to build capacity among faculty and staff of Asian higher education institutions for collecting, documenting and sharing local knowledge for use in teaching, research, and curriculum review. Key first steps in launching this network were taken at the United Board’s May 2009 workshop in Hong Kong, Digital Humanities in Asia: Global Technologies and Local Knowledge, which brought together 50 specialists, representing 37 institutions from ten countries. 

Miriam College, in Manila, is serving as the lead institution, organizing country and regional workshops to enable re-discovery and valuing of indigenous wisdom, beliefs and practices.

Institutions are encouraged to make information available online, which makes this data readily accessible to students, teachers and researchers. It also creates channels for creative dialogues between universities and local communities, and among faculty and students in Asia and around the world. The online forum is at http://people.audrn.net/.

The online social networking environment is at http://firstconnexions.com/ub/audrn/ and is intended to improve communication, provide feedback and assist in the sharing of resources amongst different groups working on local knowledge projects.