Dr. Christian Murck



Christian Murck is a senior counselor of APCO Worldwide. After twenty-two years in Asia, he returned to New York in August 2013. He was an active member of the American business community during his years in Asia. He served as president of the American Chamber of Commerce in China (2010-2013) and as chair of its Board of Governors (2001-2002). He was also president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (1995-1996), the only person to have led chambers in both mainland China and Taiwan.

Dr. Murck held senior positions in Asia for APCO Worldwide 2001-2010. Before joining APCO, he was the managing director and senior country officer of the Chase Manhattan Bank in Beijing. Earlier, he managed the Taipei branch of Chemical Bank and worked in the international division of Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company in New York.

He is also trustee of the Harvard-Yenching Institute.

Dr. Murck received a PhD in East Asian studies from Princeton University in 1978 and his undergraduate degree from Yale University in 1965.