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Frequently Asked Questions
The United Board is committed to education that develops the whole person – intellectually, spiritually, and ethically.

We draw strength from our Christian identity and values and our collaboration with Asian colleges and universities. Together we prepare individuals for lives of professional and personal fulfillment and meaningful service in community with others.

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The United Board was founded in 1922. For nearly a century, its work has centered on the Christian faith, higher education, and Asia. The United Board has long promoted whole person education in the liberal arts tradition, with a foundation of Christian values.

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The United Board endeavors to respond to the diverse challenges and opportunities facing our colleagues in higher education in Asia, especially where the needs are great. We share their interests in developing institutions that offer multidisciplinary education and that nurture a spirit of compassion, equity, reconciliation, social responsibility, and mutual respect among religious and cultural traditions.

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The United Board works with colleges and universities in 14 countries and regions of Asia.

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Each program has its own eligibility requirements. Please check the pages of the Asian University Leaders Program, Faculty Scholarship Program, United Board Fellows Program, Institute for Advanced Study in Asian Cultures and Theologies, and other programs for specific requirements.
The United Board makes grants to higher education institutions in its Asian network. For further information on eligibility, check the pages of the Institutional Grants Program, Bamboo Grants Program, or American Schools and Hospitals Abroad program.

Grants are not awarded to individuals.

To learn more about our network, click here. This page also includes a list of our network institutions.
Read the list on Our Network page. If your institution is not on the list and is interested in joining our network, please contact the program officer for your region.

Northeast Asia
Cynthia Yuen, cyuen@unitedboard.org

South Asia
Maher Spurgeon, mspurgeon@unitedboard.org

Southeast Asia
Hope Antone, hantone@unitedboard.org

Yes! The United Board welcomes gifts of any size in support of its work. Read more about ways to support our work. For frequently asked questions about giving to the United Board, click here.
The United Board is a tax-exempt, charitable 501(c)(3) organization in the United States, and all contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by U.S. law. The United Board is also a registered charity in Hong Kong and gifts made to our Hong Kong Office are tax deductible in Hong Kong.

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