Albert Hung

Albert Hung, United Board Supporter

Albert Hung, United Board Supporter

Education: A Life-changing Experience

“My study at Chung Chi College was a life-changing experience,” Albert Hung believes. Mr. Hung credits those years at Chung Chi College with laying the groundwork for the professional success he achieved in the financial services industry. “The higher education at Chung Chi College sharpened my thinking process and provided me with useful tools in dealing with the challenges in life.”

“With the training and knowledge gained in university, I was able to say good-bye to poverty and have an enjoyable and affluent life,” said Mr. Hung, who is now a founding shareholder and chief investment officer of a boutique investment management company in Australia. “However, I have never forgotten the difficult times when I was small. And, after I became a Christian, I also came to understand and believe that Christians should always be willing to help those I need, if they are able to.” So he responded enthusiastically when the United Board asked for his help in creating opportunities to strengthen the academic credentials of educators in Myanmar.

“Higher education is one of the fundamental factors for people living in underdeveloped Asian countries to improve their quality of life,” Mr. Hung said. Myanmar is considering ways to reform its higher education system, and the success of those efforts will depend, in part, on having sufficient numbers of qualified faculty members. With Mr. Hung’s generous scholarship gift, the Untied Board is supporting advanced degree studies of three educators from Myanmar: Lathaw Doi Ra from Kachin Theological College and Seminary is studying for a master of education degree at Hong Kong Baptist University; Naw Aye Thiri Myint of Myanmar Institute of Theology (MIT) is studying for a master’s degree in psychology at Assumption University, Thailand; and Nant Hlaing Yadana Soe, also of MIT, is studying for a master’s degree in counseling at De La Salle University, Philippines.

As a student, Mr. Hung was unaware of the close relationship that the United Board has long enjoyed with Chung Chi College, which dates back to the college’s founding in 1951. “I only became aware of the United Board’s contribution to Chung Chi College in 2014,” he said. “However, when I look back at the timing and sequence of events leading to the establishment of the scholarship, I realize it was no coincidence, but God’s greater plan.”

(First published in Horizons, June 2015)