Northeast Asia

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Dorothy Wong

Making the Case for the Humanities
Four years at International Christian University in Japan took Dorothy Wong outside her comfort zone, but she continues to experience the benefits of the liberal arts education she received there.

Chen I-Jun, Soochow University, Suzhou

A Human Science
“Psychology is a human science, and its ultimate goal is to serve humans,” according to Chen I-Jun (Evelyn), a professor in the School of Education at Soochow University in mainland China. That focus on serving others inspired her to introduce Soochow University psychology students to service-learning.

Zhu Yunzhi, Ginling College

From Textbooks to Picture Books
Student-centered learning has been a guiding force in Dr. Zhu Yunzhi’s work as an educator at Ginling College, and this has opened her students’ eyes to new possibilities in language teaching and learning.

Zhang Yin, Ocean University of China

New Tools for Teaching and Learning
“Technology is the answer, but what was the question?” These words, from the writing of Donald P. Ely, an expert in the field of educational technology, motivated Zhang Yin to devote herself to exploring technological solutions to educational problems. Now, with the support of the United Board, she is pursuing a PhD in educational technology at the University of Hong Kong.

Wutien Peng, Tunghai University

The Golden Age of My Life
“I consider my time at Tunghai to be the golden age of my life,” Wutien Peng, a retired economics professor and member of Tunghai University’s Class of 1962 recalls. Tunghai’s emphasis on whole person education created a lasting impression on Dr. Peng, one that guided him through his career as an economics professor at the University of Minnesota, the University of Wisconsin, and other institutions.

Xiang Rong, Yunnan University

Service Learning: Integrating Academics and Practice
“If there is no United Board, I would have no idea of service learning,” reflected Xiang Rong, an associate professor of social work at Yunnan University. But since she was first introduced to the concept by Birgit Linder, then serving as the United Board’s China/Hong Kong program director, Dr. Xiang and her colleagues have made service learning a key part of their social work curriculum.

Seoul Women’s University

Holding Out Helping Hands
When Soonhae Hong and Misoon Won, professors at Seoul Women’s University, participated in the 2012 Asian University Leaders Program, they were able to “feel the fellowship” that came from discussing shared responsibilities and educational philosophies with other Asian faculty and administrators.

Dr. Shin Chiba

A Shared Understanding of Peace
Dr. Shin Chiba chairs the Department of Politics and International Studies at International Christian University in Japan and is a former United Board trustee. In a 2014 interview, he shared his perspective on peace studies in the East Asian context.

Social Work Education: Training for Service

Social work is a practice-based profession and academic discipline with natural links to whole person education. Social workers strive to connect vulnerable populations with social services, and in a college or university setting, social work educators train students to assess needs, offer counseling, and direct people to available resources. Developing academic programs in social work has been a focus of …