Supporter Profiles

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The Yuans’ Laughs and Legacy Live On The United Board pays tribute to Dr. Robert Yuan and Dr. Grace Yuan

The late Drs. Robert and Grace Yuan cared deeply about the gift of education and giving back to Asian higher education, supporting the United Board and acting as integral members of their alumni communities for many decades. Their support of education was the product of parallel upbringings in China, where both were born to Christian families with ancestors high up …

Harry Swinney

“I can think of no better way to honor my wife and son than to give students and their teachers the potential to do more” shares Dr. Harry Swinney. A scholarship changed the course of his late wife, Gloria’s life, and through the Gloria Luyas Swinney Scholarship, young Filipino students are being given a similar opportunity to expand their horizons.

Ai-lien Ong

An Alumnae Network, An Extended Family
Ai-lien Ong’s sense of connection to her Ginling College and its alumnae remained constant throughout her lifetime.

Weimin (George) Yuan

A Life-changing Scholarship
Weimin Yuan received a United Board scholarship to attend International Christian University, and the liberal arts education he received there gave him strength and support over the course of his career.

George and Janice Beran

A Long-lasting Connection to Silliman University
“We had a wonderful life in the Philippines,” Janice Beran said in a recent interview, and strong, continuing ties to Silliman University have prompted their support for faculty development at the university.

Nan Lin

A Perpetual Benefit and Mark of Distinction
Nan Lin sees how an endowed chair professorship can benefit his alma mater, Tunghai University, and other higher education institutions in Asia.

Ann English

A Long-standing Appreciation for Education
Ann English continues to support the causes that she and her late husband, John, felt strongly about, including the United Board.

David Pong

Strengthening the “Bricks and Mortar” of the University
David Pong had been giving to the United Board for years before he realized the role it played in his own family’s history.

Jared Dorn

International Exchanges: Creating a Deeper, More Varied Experience
Over the course of a long career in higher education, Jared Dorn has seen the value of international education, which he defines as anything a college or university does to “move people, ideas, thoughts, projects, programs, or studies.”