Supporter Profiles

Learn more about the people who support our programs.

Blessed in Many Ways

C.J. Alexander, an alumnus of Madras Christian College, established an endowment to honor his professor, the late I.M. Mathai (pictured above, with his wife). Funds from the endowment support scholarships at MCC.

Elizabeth Abel, Lady Doak College

Helping Girls Become Women
Elizabeth Abel now lives nearly 9,000 miles away from Lady Doak College, yet still feels a deep sense of gratitude for the education she received at this Christian college for women. “It was a place for inspiration, where we were taught to think independently and globally,” she recalls.

Wutien Peng, Tunghai University

The Golden Age of My Life
“I consider my time at Tunghai to be the golden age of my life,” Wutien Peng, a retired economics professor and member of Tunghai University’s Class of 1962 recalls. Tunghai’s emphasis on whole person education created a lasting impression on Dr. Peng, one that guided him through his career as an economics professor at the University of Minnesota, the University of Wisconsin, and other institutions.

David York

Growing from Strength to Strength
David York’s support for the United Board began in 2012, but his connection to the United Board actually goes back much further. In the 1940s, Mr. York’s father attended St. John’s University in Shanghai, one of the 13 Chinese Christian universities that comprised the United Board’s earliest network.

Mary Hazeltine

A Family History of Bridging Cultures
As a young child, Mary Hazeltine lived in Chengdu when Nanking University relocated to western China during the years of Japanese occupation. Despite wartime conditions, her father, William P. Fenn, saw opportunities for his students. “The picture of China that Allied soldiers got was limited,” she said during a recent interview. “So students at the Christian universities were a kind of bridge between the two cultures. “

Dr. William K. Lee

Giving Back
Dr. William K. Lee’s career took him from Yonsei classrooms to a successful medical practice in northern New Jersey. His commitment to Yonsei and the United Board shows he believes in giving back to organizations that have helped him.

Union Christian College

Every Penny Gathered
“We realize the United Board depends on every penny gathered,” Dr. P.M. Kuriachen writes, explaining the genesis of a contribution that he and some of his Union Christian College colleagues made to the United Board. “It is our hope that our gift will help continue your ongoing mission,” says Dr. P. Thomas Mathew.

Louise Woodruff

Making a Gift for Today and Tomorrow
Louse Woodruff encountered the United Board at a young age, she recalls, because “my father always talked about his work at the dinner table.” Her parents, Dr. and Mrs. John Coventry Smith, were missionaries in Japan before World War II, and later helped Japanese Christians establish International Christian University (ICU) in 1949.

Dr. Charlie Huh and Yonsei Class of 1962

A Key to Their Future
“We were poor, we were proud and we had dreams.” That is how Dr. Charlie Jung Huh, an orthopedic surgeon, recalls his days as a student at Yonsei University. When he and his classmates began their studies, South Korea was still experiencing harsh deprivation in the aftermath of the Korean conflict.

Mrs. Therese Wang

A Sincere Heart
Therese Wang (Yang Chi-ying) arrived at Tunghai University in the fall of 1956, one of 200 members of the new school’s Class of 1960. “It was such a small campus,” she recalled, “but I received a big education.”