Supporter Profiles

Learn more about the people who support our programs.

Albert Hung

Education: A Life-changing Experience
“My study at Chung Chi College was a life-changing experience,” Albert Hung believes. Mr. Hung credits those years at Chung Chi College with laying the groundwork for the professional success he achieved in the financial services industry.

Marilee Scaff

Turning Ideas into Service
“Community service has certainly been the underlying theme of both our lives,” said Marilee Scaff, an educator, community activist, and United Board supporter. She and her late husband, Alvin, went to the Philippines as Congregational missionaries in 1940 after finishing degrees at Chicago Theological Seminary and the University of Chicago.

Allan H. Lee

Inspired to Dream Bigger Dreams
Allan Lee was attending a teacher training school in 1952 when he learned the United Board was offering full scholarships for Hong Kong students to attend Japan’s International Christian University (ICU). The deadline for applications was the next day, so during his lunch break he rushed to nearby Chung Chi College to pick up an application. The trip was only a short distance, but that lunchtime errand and his enrollment in ICU’s Class of 1957 marked a turning point in his life.

Ken and Marie Losh

A Deep and Lasting Connection
Marie Losh was a mother to four children, the youngest only three months old, when she and her family boarded an ocean liner for the Philippines in 1957. Her husband, Ken, had accepted the position of chaplain at Central Philippine University, and the young family was embarking on a decade-long residence in Iloilo City.