The People of Our Mission

Learn more about the individuals whose achievements, dedication and generosity are at the heart of the United Board’s work.

The Yuans’ Laughs and Legacy Live On The United Board pays tribute to Dr. Robert Yuan and Dr. Grace Yuan

The late Drs. Robert and Grace Yuan cared deeply about the gift of education and giving back to Asian higher education, supporting the United Board and acting as integral members of their alumni communities for many decades. Their support of education was the product of parallel upbringings in China, where both were born to Christian families with ancestors high up …

George and Janice Beran

A Long-lasting Connection to Silliman University
“We had a wonderful life in the Philippines,” Janice Beran said in a recent interview, and strong, continuing ties to Silliman University have prompted their support for faculty development at the university.

Ann English

A Long-standing Appreciation for Education
Ann English continues to support the causes that she and her late husband, John, felt strongly about, including the United Board.

Judith Berling

Insights from Our New Board Chair
Our new board chair reflects upon her career, her United Board service, and how the United Board can best support higher education in Asia.

Roland Chin, Hong Kong Baptist University

Guiding Principles for Leadership
Roland Chin, who has been serving as president and vice chancellor of Hong Kong Baptist University since 2015, relies on a set of guiding principles to ensure that his response is consistent with the values of higher education.

Strategic Planning: Strong Relationships and Shared Goals

Interview with Anthony Ruger, United Board Trustee
Strategic planning emphasizes the “intellectual” work of assessing strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats – the SWOT analysis – but often overlooks the equally important “relationship” work. That’s been the experience of Anthony Ruger, a United Board trustee and member of its Development Committee.