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From Individual Resilience to Institutional Resilience (webinar summary)

Why have some higher education institutions responded more effectively than others to the strains of the COVID-19 pandemic? Dr. V. Paraprasad, former Deputy President of the National University of Singapore, posits that individual resilience plays a strong role in determining an institution’s response – that is, the way an individual bounces back from personal difficulties is reflected in the way …

Chaplaincy on Asian Campuses

At the 2019 Asian Campus Ministry Forum, representatives of nearly 40 Asian colleges and universities exchanged ideas on creating and sustaining nurturing campus environments.

A Fresh Look at Campus Ministry

Chaplains can help create a campus-wide culture of care, offering counseling services and other forms of emotional support and creating channels for students to engage with each other in comfortable settings. In these three feature stories, chaplains from International Christian University (Japan), Lady Doak College (India), and Tunghai University (Taiwan) share some of the ways in which they reach out …


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