Digital Content Development Grants

2023 Whole Person Education Digital Content Development Grants

Each year, the United Board invites concept papers for the development of digital content which will advance the capacity of colleges and universities to deliver whole person education (WPE) related material in innovative and effective ways.

This grant opportunity is designed to fund the development of unique WPE-related digital content which promotes learning both inside and outside of the classroom, especially that designed to develop empathy, social concern, civic responsibility, broad-based inquiry, critical thinking, analytical skills, and ethics. Successful concept papers have involved or been led by scholars and trainers who have been oriented to integrated scholarship and WPE, and successful past projects have been designed to create and integrate WPE-related digital resources into curriculum.

Examples[1] of digital resources may include, but are not limited to:

We will begin to accept concept papers on a date to be announced. Concept papers must request funding between $10,000 (minimum) and $25,000 (maximum) to be considered.

For all enquiries, please contact Ms. Taeko Suga, Program Associate (Digital Content and Programming) at

[1] For illustrative purposes only.

*Completed grant projects will be shared, in whole or in part, within the United Board’s open digital library.