Dr. Sister Pearl, Sophia Girls College

Ushering Creativity into the Learning Process 

“Bloom’s Taxonomy is certainly manna from heaven, especially for the teachers in higher education, wherein appointment is made without any preliminary training in classroom teaching. Bloom’s Taxonomy enables the teacher to usher creativity and innovation into the learning process. It is a handy tool that facilitates and enriches not only the process of curriculum construction but also assessment of the set learning outcomes. It also creates a common platform for the teachers to base their teaching practices across the differences in disciplines and faculties. The action verbs enable the teachers to differentiate between basic learning and higher-order thinking skills (HOTS). Bloom’s Taxonomy is the axis around which the whole process of learning dynamics functions, and it makes it possible for the teacher to enhance the learner’s ability to perceive, discern, analyze, and create, thereby fulfilling the basic ethos of higher education.”

~ by Dr. Sister Pearl, Principal, Sophia Girls College, Ajmer

Dr. Sister Pearl attended a faculty training workshop the United Board supported at the Asian University for Women in February 2019, where she heard Mercy Pushpalatha’s presentation on Bloom’s taxonomy. She subsequently invited Dr. Mercy to share this framework for teaching and learning with the faculty of Sophia Girls College. To read a related story on Mercy Pushpalatha’s perspective on Bloom’s taxonomy, click here.