Chaplaincy Training Program

September 24-29, 2018
Lady Doak College
Madurai, India

Educational institutions are vested with the responsibility of transforming young lives by infusing meaningful learning and fostering wholesome living. Chaplains play an important role in this work, as they attend to the spiritual and emotional development of students. The pluralistic nature of Indian society accords a special challenge to college chaplains, as they are not only responsible for the spiritual development of Christian students but also for the spirituality of students of other faiths.

The United Board is organizing a two-part Chaplaincy Training Program for Indian college chaplains, hosted by Lady Doak College. The first part is a six-day residency training program. The second part is an online training program.

Further information can be found in the program brochure; click here.

The deadline for applications in August 6, 2018.