Teaching about China in India

January 5-15, 2018. This workshop aims to enhance Indian faculty's understanding China so that they can begin to develop an undergraduate course on China.

Christ University ~ Bengaluru, India
January 5-15, 2018

Conceived by Christ University, the United Board, and the Harvard-Yenching Institute, this workshop aims to prepare Indian faculty for teaching an undergraduate course on China. It will include sessions on main areas of development over the past six decades; major social and economic policy changes since China’s re-opening in the 1980s, emerging issues such as the future of the market economy, changing family structures, and an aging population; and Chinese soft power. Through the workshop, participating faculty will acquire an informed understanding of the latest developments in China; familiarity with selected primary course materials for teaching and reading; learn about available library and online resources for teaching about China in India; and be ready to develop an undergraduate course on China.