Project Grants

Chinese students are introduced to the rigors ad rewards of cultural fieldwork

Chinese students are introduced to the rigors ad rewards of cultural fieldwork through the support of a United Board grant.

The United Board has long promoted whole person education in the tradition of the liberal arts colleges and universities in Asia.  Whole person education addresses the varied academic, professional, personal, and spiritual needs of students. It empowers students for their own personal and professional growth, and nurtures a sense of responsibility that encourages them to apply their knowledge in the service of others.

United Board project grants build the capacity of Asian institutions to design and deliver whole person education in innovative and effective ways.

(July 11, 2019)

As the United Board approaches its centennial in 2022, we are planning to initiate a program of Centennial Projects and Grants intended to build on past work in new and innovative ways.  These projects and grants will focus on our existing program interests, including leadership and faculty development, promoting a culture of care on campus, and innovation in education including digital learning.

Further information about these initiatives will be forthcoming.  In the meantime, to allow our staff and consultants time to explore various possibilities, we will not be accepting applications for new project grants or Bamboo Grants for the 2020-2021 year.  Grants approved for payment in the current year will continue, as will support for the second and third years of multi-year projects.  A few additional grants may also be made at the United Board’s discretion.

We look forward to sharing in due course additional information about plans for the United Board centennial.  Thank you for your interest in our work.