Higher Education in India

Preparing Students for Spiritual and Ethical Challenges

Fifty years ago, higher education in India promoted both intellectual growth and character building. Attitudes have changed since then, and today many Indian colleges and universities focus only on preparing students for livelihoods and neglect their personal development. Many Christian colleges continue to recognize the importance of preparing students for spiritual and ethical challenges, but they often lack the resources needed to attract, train, and retain faculty.

The United Board works with Indian colleges and universities to translate the goals of whole person education – intellectual, spiritual, and ethical development – into practice. United Board programs support leadership development, help faculty develop student-centered pedagogies and innovative curricula, and connect classrooms to communities. In addition to other, ongoing programs, new programs for Indian educators in 2018 will include a postgraduate training course in Christian studies that will enable faculty to develop the knowledge and skills needed for chaplaincy and a workshop that prepares faculty for teaching an undergraduate course on China.

Some of the stories listed below highlight the ways in which Indian educators engage with the United Board, through our programs and grantmaking, and use these experiences to strengthen teaching, service, and administration. Other stories feature the ways in which alumni of Indian colleges and universities support their alma maters through generous contributions.

United Board Fellows Program: Applying Lessons in Leadership
Walking Extra Miles, Sridevi Venkatachalam, Lady Doak College
Asking the Big Questions, Iven Jose, Christ University
Observing Leadership in Action, Bernadine Joseph, Stella Maris College

United Board Grantmaking: Support for Whole Person Education
Interfaith Dialogue on a Daily Basis, Jenee Peters, Union Christian College

Support for Indian Chaplains
Chaplaincy in Changing Times, Vanitha Williams, Women’s Christian College

Giving Back
Helping Girls Become Women, Elizabeth Abel (Lady Doak College Alumna)
Blessed in Many Ways, C.J. Alexander (Madras Christian College Alumnus)

For further information on the United Board’s South Asia programs, click here.