ICU Faculty Orientation for Liberal Arts Teaching and Learning

With a long tradition of liberal arts education, International Christian University (ICU) in Japan recognizes that new faculty members need support as they link their subject matter expertise to classroom practices that promote critical thinking and problem-solving. Over the past two years, ICU faculty members Insung Jung, Toshiaki Sasao, Mikiko Nishimura, and Allen Kim have been developing an orientation program for new faculty that focuses on teaching in a liberal arts environment. The United Board has provided grant support for this faculty development project.

As part of the project, ICU has created a New Faculty Website, and much of the content is available to all website visitors. One section of the website is devoted to Teaching Support, with guidance on ways that teachers can create a supportive, inclusive classroom environment and use techniques such as pair and group work, quick writing assignments, debates, and interviews to more deeply engage students in the subject matter. Other sections of the website highlight Liberal Arts Education, Research Support, and Administrative Support, as well as useful links.

To access the New Faculty Website, click here.