Lakshmi Priya Daniel, Stella Maris College

A Commitment to Being Inclusive

Below, Lakshmi Priya Daniel of Stella Maris College, India, shares her insights on quality assurance.

“The vision of Stella Maris College promises to be ‘inclusive.’ Ensuring this sense of inclusion in the quality assurance process relies on an implementation mechanism that is equitable but that also identifies the different levels of faculty and their motivations.

  • Newly recruited faculty members expect innovation and an excitement of approach in the teaching-learning process; ideally, they should be provided excellent structures to carry out new projects with no fear of failure.
  • Midlevel faculty members crave consistency and flexibility as their commitments are varied. To ensure their participation in the quality assurance process means that they have to be provided clarity on existing systems and be allowed to make choices voluntarily.
  • Senior-level faculty members are the decision makers who will influence top-level management positively. Their expectation of transparency and acknowledgement, if met, will definitely enhance the quality of policies and processes within the institution.

“Faculty members seek and respond to a student-centric professional structure, ethical processes, and appreciative reception of their contributions, which ultimately goes beyond the remunerative to ensure a fierce loyalty to the home institution.”

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