New Alignment for United Board Program Team

The United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia has redefined the structure of its senior program team to better reflect the organization’s strategic priorities. “As we approach our centennial year, in 2022, we want to ensure that all of our resources – people, finances, and connections – are aligned with our strategic priorities,” said United Board President Nancy E. Chapman. “Our staff and consultants are essential to the success of our programs, and with this new structure, they can attain greater depth of knowledge in their respective areas, develop new ideas in concert with network institutions, and devote more attention to program assessment.”

Effective July 1, 2019, staff and consultant responsibilities for key program areas are as follows:

Dr. Wai Ching Wong
Vice President for Programs

Dr. Hope Antone
Director, Faculty Development
With oversight for Southeast Asia programs 

Mr. Kevin Henderson
Director, Digital Content and Programming

Dr. Mercy Pushpalatha
Program Consultant, South Asia Programs
With oversight for service-learning programs

Rev. Dr. Maher Spurgeon
Consultant, Director of South Asia Programs
With oversight for South Asia programs and for campus ministry programs

Ms. Vivica Xiong
Director, Leadership Development
With oversight for Northeast Asia programs  

Further information can be found on the Staff & Consultants page of our website. Click here to open.

Please note: The United Board will not be accepting new Project Grants or Bamboo Grants for the 2020-2021 year so that it may devote time to planning a series of centennial projects and grants. Grants approved for payment in the current year will continue, as will support for the second and third year of multiyear projects. A few additional grants may also be made at the United Board’s discretion. Further information will be released on our website as it becomes available.