Nichanan Sakolvieng, Assumption University

Promoting Outcomes-based Education

Below, Nichanan Sakolvieng of Assumption University, Thailand, shares her insights on quality assurance.

“At Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics (MSME), Assumption University, all faculty members are encouraged to be actively involved in the quality assurance (QA) process. The School has recently conducted several workshops and seminars on the QA process. The objectives of those activities aimed to enhance and inculcate faculty members’ understanding of their roles in today’s outcome-based education (OBE), i.e., a learner-centered learning philosophy.

“According to the OBE philosophy, what matters ultimately is not what is taught but what is learned. So faculty members have to set appropriate intended learning outcomes instead of teaching objectives. This means they have to strictly focus on the constructive alignment of what they teach (course contents), how they teach (teaching/learning approaches), and how they assess (evaluation methods). All of these must be fully consistent with each other and aligned with the intended learning outcomes.

“We believe that if our faculty are able to design their courses effectively by following the OBE philosophy, we would be able to improve the School’s competitiveness and meet international expectations and standards.”

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