Digital Content and Programming

Faculty and administrators at United Board network institutions are eager to learn more from their peers at Asian institutions about topics such as curriculum development, student-centered teaching, interdisciplinary collaboration, governance, technology in the classroom, and many others. Digital Content and Programming gives the United Board powerful new ways to continue its long-standing tradition of building and supporting networks of educators who can exchange ideas, experiences, and models.

This new program area has two parts:

  • The Digital Content focus will develop an online platform that gives educators a collection of content related to whole person education. The United Board will source and develop content that will help faculty promote learning that enables their students to develop empathy, social concern, civic responsibility, broad-based inquiry, critical thinking, analytical skills, and ethics.
  • The Digital Programming focus will examine digital ethics in higher education, delivered through workshops and practical training; a residential program and special fellowships may also be developed. Other topics may include digital tools to enhance teaching and learning, educational continuity in emergencies, and other pressing issues related to digital education.

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