United Board Fellows Program FAQs

The information below responds to frequently asked questions about the United Board Fellows Program. To download a copy of the FAQs, click here. For further information, please contact ubfellows@unitedboard.org.

General Policy
The Fellows Program begins with a three-week Summer Institute in July 2017 at Harvard University in the United States. The Asia Placement may start at any time between August 2017 and May 2018 and is flexible in length, between two to four months. To complete the program, Fellows will attend a Leadership Seminar, held in Asia, which will take place over the course of one week in June 2018.

Please note: Participation in the Fellows Program is only possible if the participant can commit to an Asia Placement of at least two months in length. Fellows are expected to participate in the U.S. Summer Institute at Harvard University and the Leadership Seminar in their entirety.

Asia Placement
No. The United Board determines placements based on preferences and availability of the host institutions. However, every endeavor is made to place Fellows at host institutions that complement Fellows’ interests, goals, and leadership aspirations. We ask Fellows to list out their areas of interest as specific as possible in the registration form, to assist us with placement matching. goals, and leadership development aspirations.
Please allow plenty of time for visa processing. Consult travel agents and colleagues who have been to the country you are going to: ask them how long it will take for the visa, then add two to three weeks to be on the safe side. Please make sure you have a valid passport (six months before expiry) before each trip.