Scranton Women’s Leadership Center Supports Faculty Scholars

“To educate a woman is to educate her family, her society, and her country.” Those words provide power to the Scranton Women’s Leadership Center’s work of helping women live up to their full potential and leadership through education so that they may contribute to the advancement of their own communities and to the world. Through a generous contribution, the Scranton Women’s Leadership Center will support two United Board Faculty Scholars for the current academic year, enabling them to work toward advanced degrees at Asian universities.

“This gift reflects the shared interests of the United Board and the Scranton Women’s Leadership Center,” said United Board President Nancy E. Chapman. “Our organizations both have a long heritage of providing opportunities for women to pursue higher education. These scholarships will advance the professional credentials of two outstanding young educators and, ultimately, benefit a new generation of students when they return to their home institutions.”

The following individuals have been named the 2016-2017 United Board-Scranton Scholars:

Ms. Dao Thi Thuy Nguyen
An Giang University
Pursuing a PhD in English Language Teaching at Assumption University, Thailand

Ms. Magdalene Moses
Lady Doak College
Pursuing a PhD in English at Silliman University, Philippines

The United Board Faculty Scholarship Program supports promising young faculty from selected United Board network institutions in Asia to pursue advanced degree study, taught in English in an Asian country outside their own. For more information, click here.


Dao Nguyen








Magdalene Moses                                      Dao Thi Thuy Nguyen