Silliman University’s Next President: Dr. Betty C. McCann

Dr. Betty C. McCann

The United Board extends its congratulations to Dr. Betty C. McCann, our former vice president for programs and trustee, who has been named to succeed Dr. Ben Malayang III as president of Silliman University. During her time at the United Board, Dr. McCann was a strong advocate for the institutions in our network, recognizing the expertise and creativity they bring to whole person education and supporting their ideas for faculty development, leadership training, and service-learning. We are confident that those qualities, combined with her academic training, management experience, and deep knowledge of Asian higher education, will enable her to successfully build on the work of Dr. Malayang and further enrich the quality of education at Silliman.

The United Board has enjoyed a long relationship with Silliman University. It provided financial support to the university in its earliest days of operation, and the relationship has matured through a shared commitment to whole person education.