Whole Person Education as a Way Forward

The United Board convened a consultation with some of its Asian colleagues, Whole Person Education as a Way Forward: Challenges and Prospects for Asia, on September 8-9, 2017 in Hong Kong. The goal was to explore the continuing strength of whole person education and the ways in which it responds to contemporary dynamics. This report reflects the highlights of two days of discussions, which were enriched by the thoughtful and candid contributions of representatives of 14 higher education institutions from ten countries and regions of Asia, joined by United Board staff and trustees.

Whole person education – the intellectual, spiritual, and ethical development of individuals – is the cornerstone of the United Board’s work, which now engages more than 80 colleges and universities across 15 countries and regions in Asia. Conversations and collaboration with Asian educators make clear that this type of education is well-suited for 21st-century societies.

We invite you to read the report (click here for the PDF document). Please feel free to share the report with colleagues.