Workshop Series A: New Models of Education

New Models of Education: Using Digital Tools in Higher Education (Workshop Series A) is a virtual multi-session workshop which has been designed to develop the skills necessary to use digital tools within teaching, learning, and assessment in higher education.  Comprised of five sessions, and spaced over two weeks, this free course provides a blend of hands-on (virtual), interactive opportunities to practice the use of digital tools in curriculum development and teaching, and will also cover important issues related to ethics, whole person education, and digital safety in higher education.  The workshop includes both synchronous and asynchronous engagements and participants who successfully complete the workshop will receive a digital skills certification jointly issued by Christ University and the United Board.
Please note: Registration for this program is now closed, but additional workshops are planned. For information on participating in the next digital skills certification workshop in this series, please contact Mr. Kevin Henderson, Director, Digital Content and Programming, at or Ms. Taeko Suga, Program Assistant, Digital Content and Programming, at