Hope Antone, EdD


Program Director of Faculty Development

Hope Antone assumed the position of Program Director of Faculty Development in July 2019. In this role, she develops strategies and oversees programs for faculty enhancement in whole person education. She joined the United Board as a program officer in 2012 and was named Program Officer for Southeast Asia in 2014. Before joining the United Board, she taught Christian education, ecumenics, and English at Payap University in Thailand. She served as communication consultant (2001-2003) then executive secretary for the Faith, Mission, and Unity program area of the Christian Conference of Asia in Hong Kong (2003-2006) and Chiang Mai (2006-2011). Earlier, she taught feminist theology at Union Theological Seminary in Cavite, and Christian education at Silliman University Divinity School, both in the Philippines. She finished her BMC and MDiv at Silliman University; MTh at the Presbyterian Theological College and Seminary in Seoul; and EdD at Union-PSCE (now Union Presbyterian Seminary) in Virginia, USA.