Since its founding, the United Board has promoted sharing of resources across borders and among institutions

That practice began in Asia more than 90 years ago, when the governing boards of Christian colleges in China realized they would gain strength by sharing responsibility for recruiting faculty, procuring supplies, and raising funds. In those days, the college administrators looked to North America for intellectual resources. Today, we recognize that Asia has grown to be a rich repository of expertise, and the educators in our network of Asian colleges and universities are eager to share their ideas and experiences with each other.

Our network of institutions is essential to the successful development and implementation of our programs. Through this network, the United Board is able to support leadership and faculty development and address pressing issues in higher education.

Over the past five years, the United Board has worked with more than 80 institutions in support of whole person education.

Programs in the Northeast Asia Region
Jakarin Srimoon


Programs in the South Asia Region
Maher Spurgeon, PhD


Programs in the Southeast Asia Region
Hope Antone, EdD