Faculty Enrichment Programs

Faculty Development.individual at computerFaculty Enrichment Programs are short-term, non-degree faculty development courses focused on a particular theme or skill. These short courses allow faculty to keep pace with Asia’s fast-changing learning environment while taking steps to build networks of support for their professional success.

For more information, contact ubscholars@unitedboard.org.

Intensive English Language Program

The Intensive English Language Program is a faculty enrichment program that helps participants improve their English-language proficiency in academic and professional settings and gain greater confidence in their English speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing. Preference is given to candidates who have plans to pursue advanced degree studies abroad.

Continuing Professional Development in Whole Person Education

This faculty enrichment program aims to support the continuing development of whole person education trainers and curriculum designers. It includes short courses that aim to enrich the faculty's content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and technological knowledge in support of the practice of whole person education in face-to- face or online teaching and learning. 

For more information on Faculty Enrichment Programs, contact Dr. Hope Antone, Director, Faculty Development, at hantone@unitedboard.org

To learn more about United Board programs and support for whole person education, please contact the individual responsible for your region. Click here for contact information.