The United Board is committed to building the leadership capacity needed for whole person education in colleges and universities across Asia. Our goal is to develop leaders who embody the philosophy and practice of education that seeks to develop the whole person – intellectually, spiritually, and ethically; such leaders are competent, effective, ethical, inclusive, reflective, and spiritually mature.

United Board programs give leaders opportunities to learn about best practices in education and administration; develop the values, ethics, and skills to define goals and build teams to achieve them; become familiar with best practices in ethical governance; learn to respond to 21st-century opportunities and challenges; and expand the community for whole person education by inspiring others.

Our current programs in Leadership Development include the United Board Fellows Program, Women’s Leadership Forum, and a webinar series on "Leading through Crisis." We anticipate introducing a range of new programs, including consultations on education policy and trends at the regional and national levels; fellowships or an academy for selected heads of institutions; various training activities at the local and national levels in collaboration with identified training hubs; and project grants.

For further information on United Board Fellows Program, contact Ms. Rachel Zhang, Program Officer, at

To learn more about United Board programs and support for whole person education, please contact individual responsible for your region. Click here for contact information.

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