Special Initiatives

India 2 female faculty membersThrough Special Initiatives, the United Board identifies and supports compelling initiatives that are consistent with our mission yet lie outside our four other thematic areas. Our goal is to respond to needs and opportunities that are aligned with our focus on whole person education in Asian colleges and universities. For example, in March 2018 the United Board convened a conference on “Technology-Assisted Teaching and Learning for Whole Person Education: Opportunities and Challenges in Asia,” which focused on the innovative ways that colleges and universities are using technological advances to promote whole person education. In addition, the United Board’s Bamboo Grants Program provides small grants in support of small-scale, start-up activities and pedagogical experiments that enhance whole person education.

Learn About Our Bamboo Grants
In Fiscal Year 2018, the United Board made 38 Bamboo Grants totaling more than $164,000.