The campus environment sends a strong signal to all students about the roles that women play in society. That environment can be shaped by the institution’s leadership structure; the available avenues for advancement of faculty and administrators; gender equality policies and practices; the form and content of the curriculum; and the expectations the institution sets for its students. The United Board is introducing new programming in the area of women’s leadership, which will address barriers to women’s advancement in academia and promote a learning environment that recognizes the leadership potential of all students. These new programmatic efforts build on the United Board’s decades of support for women’s studies, women’s leadership, and gender equality in higher education in Asia.

The Women’s Leadership Forum, held April 11-13, 2019 in China, was an initial step in this renewed focus. Additional programming may take the form of leadership development training and mentoring; training in conducting gender audits and drafting gender equality policies; and workshops on how to recognize and address bias in the curriculum.

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