Name and Logo Usage

The United Board’s name and logo are important elements of its identity. Institutions in our network may use the United Board name and logo, as appropriate, in materials that recognize the United Board’s involvement in a program activity.

The full name “United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia” should be used in first reference to the organization; the abbreviated name “United Board” may only be used thereafter. Please avoid using “UB” or “UBCHEA.”

The logo design – included color, font, and graphic elements – is the result of a distinct branding process. The logo should be used only as originally designed and proportioned, maintaining the brand colors and balance among elements.

The downloadable logos posted on this site are the property of the United Board and may not be edited or altered in any way. By downloading the logo, you accept the terms of usage.

United Board Brand Colors


C90 M37 Y100 K34
R5 G93 B48


C0 M63 Y100 K0
R244 G124 B32