Whole Person Education Academy

Educators at the Whole Person Education Academy share ideas and experiences.

One goal of whole person education is to create active, lifelong learners, and that requires faculty who are proficient in student-centered teaching and learning. The Whole Person Education Academy is an intensive, two-week training-of-trainers program that introduces a range of pedagogical techniques, such as relating course content to everyday concerns of students, creating opportunities for students to connect and negotiate with each other, and providing students with immediate feedback. The academy presents ways that education can become interdisciplinary and link teaching, research, and service in ways that can be deeply meaningful to both students and faculty. Participants also are encouraged to reflect upon their own philosophy of teaching and core values.

Professional educationists of Ateneo de Manila University serve as resource persons cum trainers in the Whole Person Education Academy for educators from various countries and regions in Asia. In order to reach out to more institutions, additional whole person education training hubs are being developed.

For more information, contact Dr. Hope Antone, Director, Faculty Development, at hantone@unitedboard.org.

Alumni of the Whole Person Education Academy share knowledge and skills through "echo training" workshops at their home institutions.
Whole Person Education Academy - Alumni Stories