Institute for Advanced Study in Asian Cultures and Theologies (IASACT)

Mentor Bonita Aleaz (left) with two IASACT participants.

Mentor Bonita Aleaz of the University of Calcutta (left) with two IASACT participants.

This annual summer institute convenes young Asian scholars from a broad range of disciplines for a program of reflection, dialogue, and writing. IASACT has evolved beyond its initial focus on of culture, religion, and theology to include additional fields – such as sociology, anthropology, media studies, and law – and from individual scholarly pursuits to multidisciplinary group research projects. Traditionally a month-long residential program, IASACT became a hybrid program in 2020, with ongoing team research, virtual meetings facilitated by mentors, and a concluding in-person session anticipated for 2021.

IASACT was founded in 2004. It is now administered by the Divinity School of Chung Chi College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in collaboration with the United Board

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The 2019 volume of QUEST, an online journal, features the writing of two scholars
from IASACT 2011. Click here to read QUEST.

"This organic interaction, this open sharing of ideas, is what makes IASACT both exciting and relevant."Kevin Henderson, United Board Program Officer
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