Rachel Zhang


Assistant Director of Strategy and Operations

Rachel is responsible for assisting the President in decision-making, oversight of implementation of strategy, and coordination of activities and personnel across the offices of the United Board in different countries. She is also responsible for coordinating and facilitating cross-functional collaboration and communication among the offices, identifying and addressing organizational challenges and opportunities, and building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, for the purpose of ensuring that the organization is operating efficiently, effectively, and in alignment with its mission.

Rachel has been passionate about empowering young people through international education and development. She gained international and local program experience from her previous work managing the KAUST discovery scholarship and Fellowship programs at the Institute of International Education and implementing a portfolio of start-up projects at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) for promoting education, research and professional training.

Rachel holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from Hunan University in China, and a Master of Public Health from the Faculty of Medicine of CUHK. She's travelled extensively and lived and worked in mainland China, Thailand, the US, and Hong Kong.