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An Opportunity to Join Our Team – Program Officer

The United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia seeks to fill the position of Program Associate for its Consultancy...
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Guided to Lead
Joseph Ernest Mambu’s Three Moments of Doubt

The leadership seminar of the United Board Fellows Program 2022-23 held in Singapore last November did not end with the...
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A Claypot of Theologies, Cultures, and Cuisines
What’s cooking at IASACT 2023?

“Besides the lectures and the daily scholars’ presentations we had to attend, the kitchen was a space in which we...
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A Lifetime of Fighting for Equality
Ruth Daugherty’s Legacy for the Church and the United Board

Ruth Daugherty in front of her home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania Ruth A. Daugherty (née Sheaffer) has spent a lifetime volunteering...
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A Leader Who Serves, and a Servant Who Leads
United Board Fellow Dr. Ricky’s undivided loyalty to Christianity and Petra Christian University

Dr. Ricky always has a lot on his plate.  As a professor of management and business at Petra Christian University...
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Coming Home to Whole Person Education
Dr. Rani George remembers her roots in India and honors her mother

For Dr. Rani George—professor of statistics and research methods in the Department of Criminal Justice at Albany State University, and...
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Announcement of New President

The United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia announces that its Board of Trustees has appointed Dr. Pareena G....
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Pham Tran Thuy Anh, Hue University

A New Outlook on Teaching and Learning Pham Tran Thuy Anh attended the United Board’s 2018 Whole Person Education Academy...
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Investing in Human Capital

Strengthening human relations can improve the quality of education....
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Nguyen Duy Mong Ha, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh City

Open to Learn, Eager to Share Nguyen Duy Mong Ha shared the philosophy and techniques of whole person education with...
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