Building Culture of Care Webinar Series

January 10, 2023

Uploaded: February 24, 2021


Building a Culture of Care is a webinar series on Asian Campus Ministry, envisioned as an initiative to support members of campus ministry and faculty involved in the student’s services of the United Board network. This series featured highly acclaimed master speakers from different regions. It aimed to create an opportunity for the members of the campus ministry and faculty to reflect on how to build a culture of care on campus and foster whole person education in a time of crisis.


Dr. Su yon Pak (Senior Director and Associate Professor of Integrative and Field-based Education, Union Theological Seminary, United States)

Rev. Dr. Stefanus Christian Haryono (Director of the Center for the Study of Spirituality and Spiritual Formation and Lecturer of the Faculty of Theology, Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana, Indonesia)

Rev. Dr. Soo-Young Kwon (Yonsei University, South Korea)

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Video Durations: 1:36:59, 1:13:17, 1:30:50

Program Area: Campus Ministry