Digital Policy Speaker Series

March 28, 2023

Uploaded: March 28, 2023


This six-part Digital Policy speaker series is a ready resource for new, and also experienced, policymakers to discover best practices from higher education administrators and policy makers in Asia and beyond.

At the United Board, a digital policy is a policy framework which guides how colleges and universities source and use digital technology for teaching, learning, and campus administration.  A digital policy framework encapsulates an institutions principle and standards and uses this vision to guide the creation of a set of specific policies. We hope that that this series will serve as a tool for higher education policymakers who are looking to develop digital policy which is both adaptive to changing conditions and in alignment with the principles and standards of their institution.



Part One: What is Digital Policy? (Speaker: Kevin Henderson, Director of Digital Content and Programming, United Board)

Part Two: A Meso Level Reflection (Speaker: Dr Anne Candelaria, Assistant Vice President of Graduate Education, Ateneo de Manila University)

Part Three: Synergy of Pedagogy and Digital Innovation at HKBU (Speaker: Dr Theresa Kwong, Director, Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning, Hong Kong Baptist University)

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Video Duration: Part One (4:30), Part Two (14:25), Part Three (11:50)

Program Area: Digital Content and Programming