September 13, 2022

Meet the 2022-2023 United Board Fellows


We are pleased to announce that 30 educators from nine Asian countries and regions have been selected as 2022–2023 United Board Fellows! This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the United Board Fellows Program—our signature leadership development program—a doubly joyous and meaningful event in the United Board’s Centennial Year as we celebrate a century of services to Christian higher education in Asia. All United Board Fellows have proven leadership experiences, and have clearly shown how this fellowship experience might help to bring changes to their home institutions. Their profiles can be viewed here.

Over the course of the next year, the Fellows will engage in a range of activities designed to build their leadership skills; give them exposure to the best practices in education, management, and finance; and deepen their commitment to whole person education.

The United Board Fellows Program will continue our collaboration with Singapore Management University for the Leadership Institute. The sessions are conducted virtually due to the pandemic. The training has a strong focus on whole person education in the context of Asian higher education. It offers leaders of colleges and universities opportunities to explore holistic education models and Asian higher education leadership, in the areas of teaching and learning, research and funding, team building, ethics, and change. Topics like Asian management styles, women’s leadership, and crisis management are also covered.

To enable longitudinal learning for the Fellows program, selected alumni of the Fellows Program are invited to join the Leadership Institute this year for in-depth and dynamic discussions and to provide greater insights with the new cohort on the practice of higher education leadership.

This year, the United Board celebrates its 100th year of service to Christian higher education in Asia and donor support is critical to ensuring the vitality of our mission and programs. Please consider a gift in support of the United Board Fellows Program.

For more information about the United Board Fellows Program, please visit our website.