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Guided to Lead
Joseph Ernest Mambu’s Three Moments of Doubt

The leadership seminar of the United Board Fellows Program 2022-23 held in Singapore last November did not end with the...
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A Tale of Two United Board Fellows
Anita X  Vinci

A linchpin of the United Board’s service to higher education in Asia is to develop the students intellectually, ethically, and...
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A Leader Who Serves, and a Servant Who Leads
United Board Fellow Dr. Ricky’s undivided loyalty to Christianity and Petra Christian University

Dr. Ricky always has a lot on his plate.  As a professor of management and business at Petra Christian University...
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Another Year of Harvesting Academic Leadership – The United Board Fellows Program celebrates its 20th anniversary

Dr. Normandy Dujunco got his first taste of teaching as a sixth grader. It was Teachers’ Day at his school,...
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Meet the 2022-2023 United Board Fellows

We are pleased to announce that 30 educators from nine Asian countries and regions have been selected as 2022–2023 United...
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Chang Jung Christian University

Helping Students and Faculty Meet the World  “As a Christian institute, Chang Jung Christian University aims to nurture individuals to...
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Kennedy Andrew Thomas, Christ University

Building Competencies of the Faculty Dr. Kennedy Andrew Thomas describes a range of faculty development programs that are part of...
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Hanh Nguyen, An Giang University
The Search for Creative Solutions

The Search for Creative Solutions Hanh Nguyen reaches a simple conclusion when he reflects on his postgraduate studies at Ateneo...
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